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Yardley Chiropractor Wants to Boost Your Well-Being

Yardley Chiropractor Wants to Boost Your Well-Being

Since 1990, Dr. Paul M. Bizzaro has been passionate about helping his community experience pain relief and wellness. He looks forward to being of service to you!

Paul M. Bizzaro D.C. Is Here for You

Yardley Chiropractor Dr. Paul M. Bizzaro is passionate about family wellness. Paul M. Bizzaro, D.C.’s mission is to provide his patients with the information and tools necessary to regain and maintain their health. Dr. Paul believes that to attain optimal health, it’s important to address the cause of the problem, not to mask its effects.

Building Health Naturally with Chiropractic Care

We’re passionate about providing natural, superior health care that helps you feel better and be better. If you’ve experienced chiropractic care before, you may be surprised at how gentle the adjustments are in our office. Dr. Paul uses light touch and low-force techniques to restore your heath. No twisting, cracking or popping of the spine takes place.

We understand that you’re ready to feel good again. That’s why you’ll receive a chiropractic adjustment on your first visit. Most people feel almost immediate relief.

Our Practice Difference

Our multi-disciplinary practice has many core strengths. We proudly offer the best in chiropractic care, custom orthotics, massage therapy, MLS Laser therapy and nutritional counseling.

Dr. Paul has had decades of experience in helping people get well and stay well. One of his outstanding qualities is empathy. He understands what you’re going through. Because he’s experienced what it’s like to be in pain, it’s allowed him the gift of being a better doctor.

He always practices what he preaches. Dr. Paul injured his shoulder recently. An MRI indicated a tear in the shoulder area. He immediately began a regimen of chiropractic care, good nutrition, targeted massage and laser therapy for rapid healing. «After my shoulder healed, I found that I golfed better than I had in the past 10 years!» You can count on his recommendations because he knows they work.

Your Health
Is Your Choice

We attract many patients to our office because of the light force adjustment that we use. People love to come in for their care because they know they’re going to be relaxed and comfortable. Dr. Paul is humbled that his office is primarily referral-based.

The office also receives many positive Google reviews on the many facets of our approach.

Your health is your choice. You can do what you want with it. It’s up to you to act on it.

Our Chiropractor Loves Helping Others Heal

Dr. Paul is also a Certified Chiropractic Sports Physician® (CCSP), so he’s well trained in helping those suffering from athletic injury. When you meet him, you’ll quickly see that he loves what he does. His caring and empathy shine through. Although he’s always busy helping patients, he also enjoys spending time on the golf course.


My appointment was thorough and in a relaxed manner. Questions were encouraged and answered thoroughly.

I felt a general atmosphere of caring and concern. I left the appointment with great optimism.

I was so pleased with the fact that I was able to get an appointment so quickly

“He is one in a million. I cannot say enough good things about him and his practice. He REALLY cares about his patients!” Read more…

My wife and I would like to thank the doctor and his staff for great care and service. We felt better after a few treatments. Thanks again for everything.

It’s nice that you carry so many homeopathic remedies on hand.

I love coming here. It is extremely friendly each time I visit, the office staff and Dr. Bizarro are amazing. The quality of care is extraordinary. Dr. Bizarro cares for his patients in unparalleled ways. I will continue coming here for as long as I possibly can.

This might sound silly, but I felt the difference in my knees that very evening. Thank you

Referred you to a dear friend and will tell everyone what a caring, relaxed and peaceful experience we had. Thank you!

Very hopeful that my end results are as favorable as what we discussed.

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Dr. Bizzaro was kind, patient, and extremely knowledgeable. I am looking forward to my next appointments.

Thank you for helping me!

“His method of care and adjustment is so patient friendly with his up to date technology that I feel so much better after a couple visits.” Read more…

It was such a wonderful experience. Everyone was so accommodating and delightful. Thank you.

We were very pleased we found a doctor that related to our original doctor and are happy and will continue to see Dr. Blizzaro..He gave us plenty of time to hear our problems

“Dr. Bizzaro is a great guy who cares about his patients. I’m very grateful!” Read more…

Lou is very happy with the Laser therapy and Dr Bizzaro with chiropractic care for Sciatic pain. He’s feeling much better every day.

You are the best chiropractor I’ve ever see. Thanks for all of your help and concern for my back pain. It feels so much better.

“His advise concerning nutrition and supplements has been a great help in keeping me healthy and active.” Read more…

Dr Bizzaro is great. I’m glad I have the chance to finally get my body in shape and where it needs to be.

You and your staff have been very nice and always trying to make me comfortable! I will be seeing you this morning!

Can’t wait to come back!

I appreciate it that the staff was helpful and friendly and I loved the environment–the place smelled nice and it was very relaxing.

Thank you for your warm welcome!

So far, the treatments have shown improvement regarding my back pain. I am feeling very happy about this, because maybe I can get my life back to normal. Thank you!

Very informative and thorough. pleasant office staff and results in the first visit.

A big thank you to the laser and Phylis.

With continued treatment, my hope is that the aches and pain in my body will disappear.

Pubs, bars and night clubs in Montevideo, Uruguay

Una opinión de cada bar, pub o club nocturno que he ido. Versión actualizada./ An opinion about each bar, pub or club I've been to. New version.

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Lotus Club is one of Pubs, bars and night clubs in Montevideo, Uruguay.

alt=»Flo H.» width=»32″ height=»32″ /> Flo Hernández Vaglio: House jueves y sábados, viernes muy divertidos con música comercial y de fiesta. Ir temprano para entrar. Tragos caros pero lo vale el ambiente.

Burlesque is one of Pubs, bars and night clubs in Montevideo, Uruguay.

alt=»Flo H.» width=»32″ height=»32″ /> Flo Hernández Vaglio: Bar en la zona de pubs de Pocitos Nuevo. Especialidad en cervezas y minutas. Probar los brownies con helado, je!

Café Misterio is one of Pubs, bars and night clubs in Montevideo, Uruguay.

alt=»Flo H.» width=»32″ height=»32″ /> Flo Hernández Vaglio: A no perderse la fiesta de cumpleaños! Buenísima!

Lou Bizzarro is one of Pubs, bars and night clubs in Montevideo, Uruguay.

alt=»Flo H.» width=»32″ height=»32″ /> Flo Hernández Vaglio: Bar para hacer previa o juntarse a tomar algo. Buen ambiente. Promedio de edad 24-25 años.

Casa Uma is one of Pubs, bars and night clubs in Montevideo, Uruguay.

alt=»Flo H.» width=»32″ height=»32″ /> Flo Hernández Vaglio: Para ir a tomar algo entre semana o findes. Picadas, minutas y algún trago.

Cimarrón Bar is one of Pubs, bars and night clubs in Montevideo, Uruguay.

alt=»Flo H.» width=»32″ height=»32″ /> Flo Hernández Vaglio: Bar y parrillada temprano, boliche luego. Buen ambiente sobre todo estudiantes del interior del país. De miércoles a sábados es conveniente llegar temprano si no se quiere esperar mucho en la puerta.

Volvé mi negra is one of Pubs, bars and night clubs in Montevideo, Uruguay.

alt=»Flo H.» width=»32″ height=»32″ /> Flo Hernández Vaglio: Bien decorado y con buen ambiente. Ideal para el que odia estar parado y apretado en un boliche, es bien amplio!

21 Bar is one of Pubs, bars and night clubs in Montevideo, Uruguay.

alt=»Flo H.» width=»32″ height=»32″ /> Flo Hernández Vaglio: Evitarlo viernes y sábado. Es un buen lugar para salir el resto de la semana. Siempre lleno y la atención muy buena.

Лиза Рене Джонс — Шторм — это Стерлинг

На сайте КнигаГо можно читать онлайн выбранную книгу: Лиза Рене Джонс — Шторм — это Стерлинг — бесплатно (полную версию книги). Жанр книги: Любовная фантастика . На странице можно прочесть аннотацию, краткое содержание и ознакомиться с комментариями и впечатлениями о выбранном произведении. Приятного чтения, и не забывайте писать отзывы о прочитанных книгах.

Книга - Шторм — это Стерлинг. Лиза Рене Джонс - прочитать полностью в библиотеке КнигаГо

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Краткое содержание книги «Шторм — это Стерлинг»

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Читаем онлайн «Шторм — это Стерлинг». [Страница — 133]

  • 133

Паноптикум — проект идеальной тюрьмы Иеремии Бентама, когда один стражник может наблюдать за всеми заключенными одновременно. В проекте тюрьма представляет собой цилиндрическое строение со стеклянными внутренними перегородками. Стражник находится в центре, но невидим для заключенных. Узники не знают, в какой точно момент за ними наблюдают и у них создается впечатление постоянного контроля. Таким образом, они становятся идеальными заключёнными.

Бизарро (англ. Bizarro) — вымышленный персонаж вселенной комиксов DC Comics. Персонаж был создан писателем Отто Биндером и художником Джорджом Паппом как «зеркальное отражение» Супермена и впервые появился в Superboy # 68 (1958). С тех пор различные интерпретации Бизарро появлялись — часто, как антагонисты Супермена.

«Бросок кобры» (англ. G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra) — художественный фильм Стивена Соммерса в жанре боевика, перенесённые на киноэкран приключения персонажей из серии игрушек «Джо-солдат: Настоящий американский герой», а также комиксов, основанных на этой серии.

Более медленный стиль исполнения рока.

Спайди от Spider-Man, или Человек-Паук, герой одноименного фильма, обладающий сверхъестественными способностями.

Охотник за головами (Bounty Hunter, буквально «Охотник за вознаграждением») — человек, отлавливающий беглых преступников и дезертиров за денежное вознаграждение.

Небула-драйв — название улицы в Лас-Вегасе.

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First Responder Treatment Team

Michael Bizzarro, PhD, LCSW, BCD
Director of Clinical Services
A lifelong resident of New Jersey, Dr. Bizzarro received his master’s degree in social work from Rutgers University and his PhD in clinical social work from the Institute for Clinical Social Work in Chicago. Early in his career, he served in the U.S. Army Reserve and later as a police officer. He has been working with first responders for more than 20 years.

Iris Perlstein

Iris Perlstein, LCADC, LPC, ATR-BC
Clinical Specialist
Ms. Perlstein is a licensed clinical alcohol and drug addiction counselor, licensed professional counselor, and board certified registered art therapist. She received her master’s degree in professional studies from Pratt Institute in New York City. Ms. Perlstein specializes in trauma treatment, with additional expertise in addiction recovery interventions.

Lindsay Pliner

Lindsay Pliner, MSW, LCSW, LCADC
Senior Social Worker
Ms. Pliner is a licensed clinical social worker and a licensed clinical alcohol and drug counselor. She received her master’s degree from Rutgers University with a focus on addiction. She has experience working with First Responders at the inpatient level of care providing both case management and clinical services.

Michael Bizzarro

David Clauser, EdD
Peer Support Specialist
Dr. Clauser began his career as a Marine, serving as a company-level infantry officer. Following his military service, he embarked on a 35-year career in education as a teacher and later a building administrator. More recently he has put his shared experience with addiction recovery to use with programs in Essex and Middlesex Counties, and as a nationally certified Peer Recovery Specialist administering a sober-living funding program. Dr. Clauser holds degrees from Lehigh University, Montclair State University, Kean University, and Seton Hall University.

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Ken Burkert

Jim Schneider
Peer Support Specialist
Mr. Schneider is a retired lieutenant who served 30 years with the Westfield Police Department and was a member of Westfield PBA Local 90. He received his bachelor’s degree in criminal justice from John Jay College of Criminal Justice. Mr. Schneider served four years in the U.S. Army as a military police officer. He has been involved in addiction recovery for more than 20 years.

Ken Burkert

Ken Burkert
Senior Outreach Coordinator, Union Liaison
Mr. Burkert served as a corrections officer for 25 years and as former Chairman of the New Jersey State PBA Peer Assistance Response Team (PART). He is a liaison to first responder organizations, facilitating the smooth transition of first responders to Princeton House Behavioral Health’s First Responder Treatment Services and outpatient care within the community. Mr. Burkert’s extensive knowledge of job protections under New Jersey law and confidential, 24/7 on-call availability benefits first responders.

Dr. Robert Bizzarro

Dr. Robert Bizzarro is a talented and highly-skilled member of the team here at Aesthetic Smiles of New Jersey. He is experienced in general, restorative, and cosmetic dentistry procedures and offers a variety of family dental care services. Dr. Bizzarro’s friendly demeanor and smiling face is a big hit with many of our younger patients, making them more comfortable and at ease while receiving dental care that can help them maintain excellent oral health. A native of Green Brook, New Jersey, Dr. Bizzarro became a dentist because he wanted a career that combined his passions for science and the arts. Most importantly, Dr. Bizzarro feels that dentistry has afforded him the ability to help others and take an active role in their care.

I love being able to help my patients when they are in need. I also love changing a patient’s perception of what it means to ‘go to the dentist.’ My patient care philosophy is to treat everyone as if they were family. It is not only important to treat my patients but also to educate and encourage them to care about their smile.”

Everyone in the office is very kind and helpful. Best dentist practice I have been to. Dr Bizzarro is very knowledgeable in his dentistry and is very sensitive to understanding how a patient feels going through the procedures. Highly recommend Aesthetic Smiles! They are the best!

Janet Estenes

August 30, 2019


Dr. Bizzarro has been extensively trained in many facets of dentistry. In fact, he completed an internship and general practice residency at the dental clinic in Morristown Medical Center under the tutelage and supervision of our own Dr. Edward Romano. His educational background includes:

  • Morristown Medical Center – General Practice Residency
  • New Jersey Dental School – DMD (Member of Prosthodontic Honor Society)
  • Loyola University, Maryland – BS in Biology (cum laude; Member of TriBeta Biology Honor Society)

Dr. Bizzarro is also committed to pursuing continuing education. He has completed courses in CEREC ® , Invisalign ® , laser dentistry, and advanced endodontic techniques. Dr. Bizzarro understands that dentistry is constantly changing and he wants to provide his patients with not only the best care, but also the most up-to-date treatment. In addition to his services at our practice, Dr. Bizzarro is also a volunteer attending doctor with Morristown Medical Center’s General Practice Residency program, where he teaches and assists the residents treating their daily patients.


  • Academy of General Dentistry
  • American Dental Association
  • NJ Dental Association
  • TriCounty Dental Association
  • National Dental Practice-Based Research Group

Dr. Bizzarro also has a number of interests and hobbies. He enjoys playing the guitar, painting, staying active, and spending time with his family, including his wife Kathleen and his son, Jack.

Please contact Aesthetic Smiles of New Jersey for more information, or to schedule an appointment.

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